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About Us

Our passion is to design and manufacturer original products that inspire both children and adults to learn and to laugh in unexpected places. We have created an award-winning line of educational home products for this purpose. Did you know that from the day we are born, we begin to absorb knowledge? Most of us expect to learn in traditional places, such as from sitting in classrooms or from reading books. But more often than not, we learn from unconventional places.

At Simple Memory Art, we embrace this unconventional form of learning the learning that's fun and comes from exposure to the stimuli of our everyday lives. We recognize that some of the most effective components of committing something to long-term memory are visualization and repetition. With that in mind, the home is a perfect place to feed your brain. Our products are designed to sit at the intersection of fun, art, style, and education. Soak up some knowledge without even trying!

Our Products

Our products are of the highest quality in design, workmanship and material. Each item is carefully silk-screened to ensure brilliant colors. Our designs are smart and just plain cool. They will transform your home from boring to fun!

Our Commitment

All of our shower curtains are made from EVA, a high quality material and an environmentally friendly alternative to PVC. Our kitchen towels are soft, highly absorbent and made from 100% cotton.

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